At Leverage Sales Coaching, we implement a sales management development program which focuses on Jack Daly’s sales systems to grow your sales leadership, sales team and revenues.


Grow your sales manager. Grow your sales team. Grow your business revenues.

This Sales Leadership Growth Track was designed deliberately for owners and executives who want to create greater leverage to grow their company’s sales revenues by growing their sales team in quality and quantity. Robust sales growth is driven by skilled sales leadership.

There are 4 key areas we blend to create a customised coaching plan focused on achieving your new sales leadership growth goals.

Four Steps customised coaching plan



Using our coaches’ experience and Jack Daly’s sales assessment tools, we get a clear snapshot of your entire sales team, the sales goals you want to achieve, and your best strategies to gain the improvements desired.



We use the Jack Daly list of skills, systems and processes in sales and sales management to identify the existing gaps in your sales effort. Then we get to work on training your sales manager and sales team in the high leverage areas first.



Time to get rubber on the road! We build a tactical game plan that creates a process of actions that will drive the sales strategies determined.



Sales development goals are set, measured and tracked to achieve your outcomes. Online tools and regular coaching communication ensures we stay on track to hit the growth targets.

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Sales Management Coaching Options & Objectives

icon-arrowAugment Your Sales Manager

Build and deploy a Sales Management Development Track where our coach works with your sales manager and owner. We grow the sales team utilizing Jack Daly’s proven sales systems.

You get 1-on-1 coaching calls plus a Sales Leadership Growth Program and email access that speeds your learning of all the best systems to grow sales.

icon-bullseyeOutsourced Sales Management

If you don’t have a sales manager or a new sales manager is needed, use the outsource solution. We begin by focusing sales initiatives to ramp up the sales team productivity.

Simultaneously we work to find, recruit, install, and ramp up a qualified, new sales manager to take over the systems and run the sales team effectively

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Leverage Sales Training Schedule

A six month engagement is an intense one-on-one coaching program that includes a one hour session per week. This is engaged within the business and will specifically focus on individual development

We address the following areas

  1. Team & Individual Assessments

    • Personality Profile assessments to evaluate the sales team.
    • Develop a sales team Ranking Grid based on key characteristics in Attitude, Skills and Activity necessary to succeed.
  2. Goals Achievement Plan

    • Team and individuals set annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily goals in writing.
    • Written plan of key activities needed to reach the goals. System of measurement of key activities and results.
    • System of accountability to meet and exceed goals through regular meetings.
  3. Key Activities & Minimum Standards

    • Identify the key sales activities needed for success.
    • Establish minimum standards and negotiate minimum performance with each individual.
  4. 1-on-1 Development meetings

    • Individual Development Plan (IDP)/Territory Management – Managers learn how to develop each sales person’s productivity during regular 1-on-1 meetings, sales calls & team meetings
    • IDP Goal Setting / Territory planning / Key account focus / Top 30
    • Personal Scorecard sales process and Key Activities
    • Personal Goal Achievement Plan – Minimum standards negotiated/agreed
    • Progress reviews – Action/plan results analysis
    • Pipeline & Baskets
    • Time blocking/planning
    • Recognition system
  5. Achievement Tracking

    • Sales systems, progress tracking & accountability for team/individuals
    • Goal measurement & tracking for team and individuals
    • Pipeline & Baskets Management/Customer Touch system
    • Money Bag touch system
  1. Accountability (sales meetings and 1:1 meetings)

    • Inspect baskets prep (prospects/customers/clients/referrals)
    • Inspect key activities / pacing toward goals
    • Progress reviews
  2. Training & Success Tools

    • Sales Training assignments
    • Training meetings
    • Role practice & Field Calls
    • Success Guide
    • Meetings
    • Objection Responses
    • Best Questions
    • Success stories
  3. Sales Meetings

    • Training meetings / Collaboration / Role practice
  4. Culture Systems / Leadership / Motivation

    • Recognition activities
    • Rewards systems
    • Sales contests, incentives and FUN!
    • Compensation plans/reviews
  5. Recruiting & Ramp-Up

    • Ideal Sales Profile/Characteristics / “Day in the Life”
    • Personality Profiling
    • Recruiting basket (20)
    • Recruiting “courting”/ Touch System
    • Recruiting interviews
    • Welcome plan / new hire orientation / positive start
  6. Sales Support

    • Support for team/Personal assistant utilization

4 half day intensive workshop sessions outlining the Jack Daly principles to leverage the sales manager position and grow revenue. This is a more generic version of the program. While it is undertaken over a shorter period, it still obtains the essential fundamentals that can be implemented into your business. The program can be undertaken as either:

  • A public forum with other companies (a maximum of 5 attendees per company of which one is recommended to be the Sales Manager and/or the Owner of the business)
  • A private in-house session specific to your business

The following is a synopsis of what to expect during the sessions:

  1. Day 1

    • DISC Personality Profiles – understanding yourself and your client
    • Ranking Grid rating – collating in-house evaluations
    • Seller and Manager Preview forms, feedback and discussion
  2. Day 2

    • “Sell the tree not the forest” – listen more, talk less – the 4 rules of selling to customers
    • Needs Analysis – a check-list for interacting with your client
    • Time Management/Weekly Planner – how to be disciplined and accountable to staying on track
  1. Day 3

    • Sales Management Tool – identifying your Sources of Sales, establishing your Sales Process and implementing a “Game Plan”
    • Ideal Customer Rating – how to rate and evaluate your future sales targets and create a Top Ten Key Accounts Targets List
    • Inspect the Baskets/Pipeline Management – Monitoring the progress of the 4 baskets – Prospects, Customers, Clients, Other/Referrals
  2. Day 4

    • Best Questions, Objection Responses – which questions are best suited when conversing with prospects or customers
    • Role Plays – If you’re not practicing in-house, you’re practicing on your customers
    • Sales Meetings – are they helping to grow your Sales team
    • Money Bag – be memorable

We can tailor a maintenance program to ensure that all systems and programs are used effectively within your sales team with refresher sessions. These can be taken every month or every quarter based on your needs.

  • What’s the proposed schedule for these workshops/seminars?
  • Which is more effective for certain situations/teams/goals?

The proposed schedule for the workshops/seminars is outlined above. For a 6 month program we suggest a weekly session of 1 – 2 hours. The effectiveness of the program is based on your business needs. We ask that each prospective client complete the Pre-call Questionnaire. This provides us with the information to tailor the program to suit your needs.

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