Case studies

At Leverage Sales Coaching, we implement a sales management development program which focuses on Jack Daly’s sales systems to grow your sales leadership, sales team and revenues.

For a manufacturer

Doubled sales growth yearly for 2+ years

  • Developed a distinct competitive selling advantage
  • Multiplied continuous pipeline of new leads
  • Sales process streamlined by at least 40% and simplified to be focused & effective
  • Expanded new markets globally and hired top-gun sellers
  • Market share grew rapidly while shrinking competitors
  • Transitioned from small player to a formidable competitor in their industry

For a wealth management firm

Tripled their revenue over 2 years during challenging markets

  • Quick Results: Their average growth rate in the first 3 months up 3X, 2X, 11X
  • Growth rate continues well above their previous average
  • Record-setting lead generation events substantially increase leads
  • Improved over 10 sales processes critical to build higher productivity
  • Sales & profits up substantially

For a wealth management company

Substantial increase in firm revenues; partners more free time

  • Designed a lead generation/education program producing a consistent flow of qualified, hard-to-reach doctor leads every month.
  • Simplified the sales process and shortened the selling cycle

For a manufacturer

Multiplied top line revenues by 3x and bottom line profits

  • Focused on Top 10 Prospects: After struggling for years to get key prospect opportunities, we targeted Top 10 key prospects worth $1 million-plus/year with a strategic selling game plan for each account
  • We closed first-time deals with 4 of the Top 10 accounts in the first 6 months, and six of the Top 10 within one year

For contractor sales & installations

Income, gross profit and net income up 85-300% in first 6 months

  • 7x increase of in-house counter sales
  • Focus on ideal customers, competitive selling advantage, stronger sales process, and effective sales tools
  • Accountability on best opportunities to grow
  • At the core of goal achievement is clarifying a company leader’s vision, key people needed and strategy aimed at specific goals for action, backed with accountability to measure, track and achieve them.

Here’s Just Some Of Our Results So Far

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